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Size Chart

Because all Silent Predator products are made to order we are able to fit your needs. If you need addition length, or a little extra room around your mid-section, we can accommodate that. Thus, when ordering it is important to make sure to provide us with an accurate height and weight. We also recommend that you check what pant and shirt size that you are currently wearing. Below you can see the size guidelines that you can also use to help when measuring. Additionally, remember it is very common to add additional layers while out hunt, so when taking measurements please make sure to allow for this. Any jackets that require tall sizing or special size requests are available, but will have an additional charge.  For pants and bibs, there is no additional charge for the 34" inseam.

All Parkas & Hoody over XXL, plus any insulated bibs over size 40" will be charged an additional $50. All Vests and Shirts over XXL and any non-insulated bibs and pants over size 40" will be charged an additional $25.    Additionally, if you require custom fitting you will be charged an additional $25.00.

Additionally, if you are in our neck of the woods and would like to stop by we do have some sizing samples available for you to try on. Just give us a call before you stop by to make sure that we will be around.

Jackets, Shirt and Vest
   XS S
Chest 28/30
 36/38  40/42  44/46  48/50  52/54 56/58
 Sleve 32
 33 34
 36  37 38
Pant and Bibs
 M L
 3XL 4XL
 Waist  30  32  34 36
40  42  44
 Inseam - Reg.
 32"  32"  32"  32"  32"  32"  32"  32"
 Inseam - Tall
 34"  34"  34"  34"  34"  34"  34"  34"

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