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Quality Wool Hunting Clothing
Dress for comfort and success! When hunting it is important to blend into your surrounds, but it is also important to be comfortable in the clothing that you are wearing. Silent Predator can help achieve both, with two camouflage color options and clothes that are custom made to order to fit you, not the "average-sized" man or woman.

About the Wool
All of the wool that is used in the Silent Predator line in manufactured by the premier manufacturer of wool used in outerwear - Pendleton Mills in Portland, Oregon. All of the wool is 22 oz pre-shrunk virgin wool. The fiber content is 90% virgin wool and 10% cotton, which makes it equal or superior to any other wool products on the market.

Women's Cuts
Currently the a Woman's cut is available on the Dakota Vest, Stalker Pants, Grizzly Jacket, and Timber Wolf Shirt Jacket. Look for the Man and Woman silhouette below on these product pages.

Hunting Shirts
Silent Predator hunting shirts are the ideal hunting apparel for those spring or fall days, or they can also be used for an additional layer on chilly winter days.

Pants or Bibs

These durable pants and bibs are ideal for all hunting activities as they provide a quiet, but warm alternative to traditional bulky and synthetic hunting clothing. With plenty of pockets and full knee and butt reinforcement you can choose from the traditional pant or upgrade to a bib pant for extra warmth.

Apex Predator Parka
This insulated wool parka will provide you with the extra protection of a 3/4 length jacket that is insulated with a 4 oz wool fiberfill and a zip off insulated hood. 

Maintenance Instructions
The best way to maintain the quality of the product is dry cleaning  to avoid any shrinkage risks. Although, you can hand or machine wash as well by using a cold water, delicate cycle. Make sure to use a laundry detergent that does not contain UV brighteners. Once the spin cycle is done,  firmly stretch the article three of four times to the original size and lay flat to dry. Never put any wool products in the dryer. 

Insulated Hooded Jacket
This insulated wool jacket is ideal for most winter conditions as it is insulated with a 4 oz wool fiberfill. If you don't need the insulation this same cut is available in an uninsulated form.


Having a vest while hunting is a great option to allow you to regulate your body temperature in the ever changing weather conditions of the great outdoors. Add it as an extra layer as the day gets colder, or if the day warms up wear it alone to keep your core temperate right where you want it.

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